Arthur M. Noxon, PE is an acoustical engineer and physicst providing the following specialties:

Registered Acoustical Engineer

Arthur Noxon, P.E.
Licensed – State of Oregon
Certification Registration # 11964
Active Since 1984
Background: Mechanical Engineering, Physics
Specialty: Acoustical Engineering
Phone: 541-343-9727
Fax: 541-343-9245

• OSHA / Workers’ Comp. Exposure Surveys
• Noise & Vibration Dose Testing
• DEQ / Community Noise Surveys
• Statistical, Impulse & Tonal Testing
• Motor Vehicle Noise Testing
• Hearing Safety Lectures
• Land Use Planning / Mediation
• Heliport Noise Impact Studies
• Architectural Acoustic Consultant
• Construction STC / IIC Testing & Design
• Industrial Equipment Noise Treatment
• Landscape Berms & Tree Grove Noise Control
• Gun Ranges, Kennels, Highway Barriers
• Accident Investigation of Noise Contributions
• Noise Code Counsel & Expert Witness
• State Licensed Professional Engineer, PE

Mr. Noxon is listed on the DEQ referral consultant list for community noise and is a consultant to OSHA for employee noise and vibration exposure. He has completed over 400 industrial noise control projects in the central Oregon area, produced numerous land-use planning and impact studies and provided technical research and expert witness testimony for legal counsel. He is president of Acoustic Sciences Corporation, which employs up to 20 people to design and manufacture architectural, audio and government acoustic and noise control products. His formal training includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering, an MSME in Acoustics and an MS in Physics.

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