The following list provides recent clients of Arthur Noxon. Projects vary in scope, some requiring only a noise study and report, others involving fully engineered noise control solutions which were designed, built and installed.

Jerry’s Building Materials, Eugene
Dennis Orum, 541.726.8523
Expansion, outdoor sales yard, noise planning

Valley River Village, Eugene
Ewell Davenport, 541.687.1212
HUD, residential development, highway noise

Williams Bakery, Eugene
Clyde Carson, 541.485.8211
OSHA, equipment noise survey

Olive Plaza, Eugene
Ed Oxenreider, 541.693.3247
Bus terminal expansion, planning, vibration

BH Engineering, Eugene
Bill Prentiss, 541.686.8478
Sacred Heart, U of O, equipment noise

Lane Community College, Eugene
Duane Mick, 541.726.2216
Noise control projects

Noble Development Company, Eugene
Richard Turkey, 541.343.8656
BLM building, Bend, OR

American Linen, Eugene
John Wells, 541.342.1831
Rooftop blower, community noise

Hayden Enterprises, Eugene
George Arthur, 541.687.8163
Traffic noise, residential development

Federal – Central Services Building, Eugene
Bob Ortese, 541.326.2116
Magistrate courtroom noise control

Land Planning Consultants, Springfield
Mike Evans, 541.726.8523
Rock quarry community noise, planning

HAC & C Attorneys, Eugene
Doug Dupreist, 541.343.8693
Coos Bay Diamond Wood, community noise

John Beckfield, Attorney, Salem
John Beckfield, 541.364.2624
Barking dog, community noise

Super 8 Motel, Salem
Jim Dewaris, 360.943.8000
Noise assessment, before/after freeway expansion

Willamette Industries, Eugene
Dave Smith 541.744.4639
Consultant, community noise and site projects

Oregon Rock Products, Jasper
Larry Covert, 541.744.4639
Community noise studies, blasting monitoring

Sky Sport, Salem
John Stroup, 541.363.4345
Model airplanes, field community noise

Evanite Fiber Products, Corvallis
Brian Unwin, 541.753.1211
Plant expansion, community noise projects

LRS Architects, Linn County
Steve Mileham, 503.221.1121
Expo & Show Arena, project engineer for acoustics

Industrial Site Development, Linn County
Doug Parker, 541.451.7435
Community impact studies, mitigation