After more than 20 years, Mr. Noxon continues to provide his community with Acoustical Engineering services. He has worked directly with city planners in developing new guidelines for community noise impact criteria for the alarming sounds generated by outdoor gun ranges and dog kennels. He differentiates between sound reflecting, absorbing, and diffusing noise barriers and has developed the theory of roadside wood lots for mitigating the quality and quantity of intrusive traffic noise. Due to his promotional efforts, the Urban Forest Management Plan in Eugene has been expanded to identify the noise abatement properties and benefits of trees.

The primary focus of his current community practice is in site development, land use planning and environmental impact studies with an emphasis on “good neighbor” mediation. The architectural side of his work includes interoffice and apartment privacy problems. In the commercial sector it is developing acoustic interiors that promote zonal privacy and intelligibility in otherwise wide-open spaces. He has completed over 400 industrial noise control projects in central and southern Oregon and has complete and portable noise survey and testing lab for this purpose.

Mr. Noxon also consults and provides expert witness testimony for litigated concerns. He presently holds 4 patents in acoustics.